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What Is an iCloud-Locked?

iCloud locking is Activation Lock, which is a feature Apple introduced in iOS 7 to prevent iPhone thefts.

Your iPhone or iPad automatically turns on Activation Lock whenever Find My iPhone is active. Once you enable the feature, nobody can delete the device, activate it on a different account, or disable Find My iPhone without entering the Apple ID username and password that originally set up the phone.

Activation Lock is an effective anti-theft measure. A thief almost certainly won’t have the iCloud username and password for the person whose phone they stole, and without it, the phone won’t work.

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Permanent iCloud Activation Lock Removal/Repair

A lot of readers want to know the permanent iCloud Activation Lock removals as they’ve suffered from this for a long time. Most of them are jerked around by some tools or services. They’ve spent a lot of time and money on this.

If you’re one of them, you should read this article before trying another way. I’ll make a full review of the iPhone Activation Lock removals/repair.

1. Never Use Any iCloud Removals before Reading the FAQs

Q1. Can I Use a free iCloud Activation Lock bypass tool/service?
Q2. Can I remove iCloud Activation Lock with jailbreak?
Q3. Can I remove iCloud account with restore?
Q4. Does an iOS Lock Screen Removal software remove iCloud lock?
Q5. Can I use third-party eraser software for activation repair
Q6. The previous owner is glad to remove my iPad from his account, how to do that?
Q7. I forgot Apple ID password, my email account is disabled, what should I do?
Q8. Is there any software can bypass iCloud lock?
Q9. What is activation repair?

2. Legit Permanent iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service Review 8 Frequently Asked Questions for iCloud Activation Lock Removal
Here are some frequently asked questions you should never miss about iCloud Activation repair:

Q1. Can I Use a free iCloud Activation Lock removal tool/service?
You’d better not try. There are so many iCloud unlock tools, each of them claimed that they can help you remove iCloud Activation Lock for free. But most of them are scammer.

Some free tools are notorious for carrying viruses and other hidden threats that will harm your computer. The easiest way to judge whether it is fake or not is to check if it owns an official website. If it’s hard to find the download link or the official website is simple and crude, it must be fake.

There are also some free iCloud unlock services. Their purpose is to collect your private information for fraud in the future.

So, when you see something like “iCloud Activation Lock removal tool free download” or “iCloud Activation Lock Removal service free online”, stay away from them.

Q2. Can I bypass iCloud Activation Lock with jailbreak?
Never! iOS jailbreaking is a privilege escalation for the purpose of removing software that may be restricting you from fully accessing your iDevice file system. It will never remove the iCloud Activation Lock.

But some tools can bypass iCloud by accessing the iOS file system after jailbreaking.

Q3. Can I remove an iCloud account with Restore?
No! When you restore your iCloud locked device, it just upgrades the iOS to the latest version and erases all the software and settings from your device, it cannot unlock your device.

iCloud Activation Lock is a cloud service that’s designed to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone. It doesn’t exist in your physical device. So, it’s impossible to erase the Cloud service unless hacking the Apple server.

Q4. Does an iOS Lock Screen Removal software remove iCloud lock?
No. The principle of lock screen removal software is the same as iTunes. This kind of software will download the latest firmware package for your iOS, then restore your device with the firmware.

Q5. Can I use third-party eraser software for iOS 11/12/13/14 iCloud Activation Lock Removal?
They are fake! Any software about “reset/erase iPhone without Apple ID or password” are scam. The third-party eraser software will let you turn off “Find My iPhone” in iPhone Settings which will require the iCloud password, just like the default factory reset. But the problem is that you cannot access the Settings and you don’t know the iCloud password.

What’s more, iCloud Activation Lock is one of the features of “Find My iPhone”, if “Find My iPhone” has been disabled, there won’t be iCloud Activation Lock in your device.
So, never purchasing iOS data eraser software if your device is locked by iCloud.

Q6. The previous owner is glad to remove my iPad from his account, how to do that?
If the previous owner is close by,

Ask them to enter the Apple ID and password on the Activation Lock screen.
Go to Settings > [your name]. Scroll down and tap Sign Out.
Enter the Apple ID and password and tap Turn Off.
sign out of iCloud on iPhone
If the previous owner isn’t present,

Ask him to visit iCloud.com and sign in with their Apple ID.
After login, choose Find iPhone option.
On the top of the Screen, click on All Devices, then choose the iCloud locked device.
Finally, click on Remove from Account.

Q7. I forgot Apple ID password, my email account is disabled, what should I do?
First, you need to contact the email service. If they can help you recover your email account, you can find the Apple ID password back by using the “Forgot Apple ID or password” feature.

If they cannot recover your email account, you have to contact Apple support. You’ll need to offer them the purchase proof to unlock your device, it usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Q8. Is there any useful iCloud Activation Lock removal tool?
No! There is no software can remove iCloud activation lock now. We’ve found and tested lots of tools, none of them can successfully unlock an iCloud locked device. Including iMyFone LockWiper, Tenorshare 4ukey, iRemove Tools. Some of them are even hard to download, such as iCloud Unlock Deluxe, Unlock Mtool, iBoxTool, etc.

Q9. What is “Activation Repair”?
Activation Repair means iCloud activation lock removal in some degree. When you try to activate an iOS device, there may be an error telling you that this device cannot be activated. In this situation, you’ll have to bypass/remove the activation lock before using it.

All the tips & methods mentioned here can also be used for Activation Repair.